Career Profile

Passionate Software engineer, I'm happy to constantly push my personal and professional boundaries to new horizons. I'm currently living in the UK (London) and working at ConsenSys on, a decentralized community-based platform to learn, share and curate technical content for developers in the web3 space where I am mainly focusing on the technical front (full-stack development, architecture and devops) but also regularly taking actions on business development, product management and marketing.

Since 2016, I am an active member of the Blockchain eco-system and more especially within the Ethereum community, I am a true believer of the digital decentralisation and a privacy advocate. I have interests in Blockchain as an essential layer of trust for our society but also in decentralised file sharing protocols such as IPFS, the association of both technologies is a very powerful tool to contribute to universal access to information as well as private sharing information.

My key values are converging between team spirit, open-source, transparency and knowledge sharing. I am a constant learner, problem solver and hard worker who loves contributing to something greater than me.

Before moving to the blockchain space, I was Lead Dev, Architect and Technical Manager for different companies and industries; from Paris to London via Brussels; dealing with large and small companies in a wide range of areas (Finance, Insurance, Energy, Media, etc.)

On my free time, I appreciate going to the cinema, playing music and building personal projects using Raspberry Pi. I also enjoy spending time with my wife and 3 years old Dachshund.

Professional Experiences

ConsenSys is a Venture Production Studio using blockchain technology to build distributed applications focused on infrastructure, product development and serving Enterprises and growing the ecosystem. is one of the projects incubated by ConsenSys which aims to improve the on-boarding experience for web3 developers with a platform to learn, share, contribute and maintain high-quality technical content. The platform is built on top of decentralised technologies securing information on IPFS and Ethereum in order to bring trustless content ownership, content incentivisation capabilities (bounties, tips) and provide an open-by-default API to distribute content.

The platform uses a great set of technologies such as Ethereum to track content versioning and ownership on a sidechain (POA) bridged to the mainnet, an IPFS solution called Mahuta (open-source ipfs search-engine) to index, search and replicate content on the IPFS network. We are also using more traditional technologies like React and next.js (Zeit) on the frontend and Java8 and Spring-Boot on an event-sourcing micro-services architecture alongside GraphQL, Redis for caching, ElasticSearch, Kafka as message layer.

The projects shows good traction in the eco-system and beyond with more than 700 contributions during the last year and 13k+ monthly active users.

Ai-London is a Life, Savings and Investment software provider with customers across the world.

One of their solutions is Ai-PAS is a full service, end-to-end, modular core system that covers the full lifecycle of the policy. It offers a comprehensive catalogue of web services, product configuration and batch management that enable insurers to achieve optimised business outcomes across their organisation with existing and future front end investments.

During the two years working for Ai-London, I started as Tech Lead responsible of refactoring the Frontend and Middleware. Then my role shifted to Head of Innovation where I explored in collaboration with the CTO, new technical areas relevant for the Insurance & Financial industry such as Big Data, Machine Learning and Blockchain.

The technical stack was composed of a 3 tiers architecture (offered as a SaaS) using AngularJs for the Frontend and Java8, Spring, CXF, Oracle12c, RedHat Keycloak, jBoss EAP, Alfresco, Jaspersoft, Stripe for the Middleware/Backend

RS2i is a consultancy firm based in Paris and specialised in Enterprise solutions for medium to large companies. They are implementing custom software solutions in the following areas: ESB (Enterprise Service Bus), BPM (Business Process Management), Business Analytics, Big Data and ECM (Enterprise Content Management).

Within RS2i, I had the opportunity to learn and understand the principles of complex Information Technologies System in very different domains and technologies. I joined as an intern after the university and grew from Junior developer to business solution architect (specialised in Java J2EE and TIBCO technologies) and project manager in a few years working on a large range of clients between Paris and Brussels.

Contributions, Projects and Awards

The list below includes some professional and personnal side projects and contributions to the open-source community.

Mahuta is a service written in Java offering a set of file management features when your application reads/writes content on IPFS:

  • Indexation: Mahuta indexes files and metadata on an efficient off-chain database (e.g ElasticSearch)
  • Discovery: it provides a query language to search content with exact criteria or approximation (full-text/fuzziness)
  • Scalable: Optimised for large scale applications using asynchronous writing mechanism and caching
  • Replication: Ability to replicate (pin) content across multiple nodes after write to increase decentralisation and remove a single point of failure
  • Multi-platform: Choose what is suitable for your application (library, on-premise rest or maybe hosted SaaS in the future)
Technical details: The core technologies are based on Java 8, java-ipfs-http-client, Spring-boot (RESTful API component), with modular components such as ElasticSearch/MongoDB (indexer database) or ipfs/ipfs-cluster/pinata-api (replication strategy).

Web3Auth consists to make traditional legacy applications compatible with Dapps password-less authentication (EC signature/recovery). A user signs a random OTC (One-Time-Code) using his private key and the services returns a JWT (Json Web Token) in exchange which can be used to authenticate a user to a web application (via a React component) or secure a Backend API (via a Spring-Security or Express filter).
This can be plugged to a smart contract to manage on-chain role-based permissions.
Recent work ha also be done by deploying a GnosisSafe multisig smart contract to allow a single user to use different types of key.

Status is an Ethereum mobile gateway that provides a browser for decentralized Application (DApp) and a messaging solution. In June 2017, Status runs a one-week virtual hackaton where participants built a Status compatible DApp or chatbot.
MyTutor is a DApp that brings teachers/tutors and students together without any intermediaries. It is an assistant that allows teacher to publish adverts populating a catalog acccessible to students and integrating a messaging to agree on date, time and a price between the two parties. The student has to make a payment into an escrow contract before the course starts. Once the course is finished, the teacher can either release the payment to his account or refund.
Technical details: Backend (Solidity & Truffle) - Frontend (JavaScript/Typescript, Ionic2 and Angular2)


Key skills

Software engineering (design, development, testing, documentation)
Blockchain development (Bitcoin, Ethereum)
Distributed and peer-to-peer systems
DevOps and Continuous Integration
Linux & IOT


Java (8) - 10 years
Javascript (front/backend) - 10 years
TypeScript - 2 years
Solidty (Ethereum Smart Contract) - 3 years
Kotlin (learning)
Go (learning)


Spring-Boot and Spring Framework
TIBCO suites (BW, iProcess, AMX, Spotfire)
NodeJS + NPM
Truffle + Web3 (Ethereum)



DevOps and Cloud

Docker / Docker-Compose
CircleCI / TravisCI / Jenkins


Maven / Graddle
Kafka / RabbitMQ
SEO / Web ranking