Career Profile

12+ years experienced Software Engineer with a strong background in FinTech and Blockchain. Led the development of a €9M+ funded B2B spending & treasury management platform at Multis. Proven track record in team leadership, innovative solutions, and technology exploration.

Since 2016, I am an active member in the Blockchain and cryptocurrency space and more precisely within the Ethereum community, I am a true believer of digital decentralization, especially in Finance and a privacy advocate.

My key values are converging between team spirit, open-source, transparency and knowledge sharing. I am a constant learner, problem solver and hard worker who love contributing to something greater than me.

Before moving to the blockchain space, I worked in Finance and IT as Lead Developer, Software Architect and Technical Manager in Europe (London, Paris, Brussels) for large and small companies in a wide range of areas (Finance, Insurance, Energy, Media).

In my free time, I appreciate traveling and discovering new cultures, going out with friends for a beer or a movie, playing Jazz music and building personal projects with Raspberry Pi.
Last but not least, I am a proud husband & father, and happy owner of a lovely Dachshund.

Professional Experiences

Multis • CTO (Apr. 2021 to present) & Lead Engineer (Apr. 2020 to Mar. 2021)

Multis is a B2B spending & treasury management platform for crypto-native businesses leveraging crypto-currencies and Decentralized Finance (DeFi)¹. Trusted by 250+ businesses

• Responsible for building and maintaining our products and infrastructure
• Hired and led a world-class engineering team (7 engineers)
• Implemented assets & transactions monitoring for 10+ Blockchains (including Ethereum, Polygon & Bitcoin), 50+ Exchanges (via Vezgo), and 10k+ financial institutions (via Plaid and Powens). 10M+ transactions recorded
• Implemented a cryptocurrency payment module on top of 8 Blockchains (including Ethereum, Polygon, and Arbitrum) leveraging SAFE (multi-signature), Metamask, Web3Auth, and Ledger. $200M+ payout
• Integrated a Bank-as-a-Service provider (SynapseFi) enabling bank accounts, cards, and on/off-ramp².
• Multis is backed by investors including Sequoia Capital, Coinbase Venture and Y Combinator³.
Technologies: TypeScript, NestJS, Ethereum, SAFE, Clojure(Script), Re-Frame, Tailwind, GCP, Firebase, PostgreSQL, Redis

¹TechCrunch (feb. 2022) · Multis wants to build the financial backbone of crypto-native organizations
²TechCrunch (sept. 2020) · Multis is a business bank account for cryptocurrencies
³TheBlock (nov. 2022) · Sequoia-backed Multis rolls out corporate cards to facilitate crypto treasury spending

Kauri • Senior Software Engineer / Co-Founder (Oct. 2017 - Apr. 2020)

Kauri was a project incubated by ConsenSys (Blockchain startups studio) aiming to improve the onboarding experience for web3 developers with a platform to learn, share, contribute, and maintain high-quality technical content¹. 5000 articles published by 1000 contributors

• The platform was built on top of decentralized technologies securing data on IPFS and Ethereum to bring trustless content ownership, content incentivization, and an open-by-default API to distribute content².
• and Consensys also strived to promote educational content to beginner and advanced Blockchain developers online or IRL (events, conferences, hackhaton)³.
• Worked on Protocol Design, Backend & Frontend development, infrastructure, and content strategy.
Technologies: Java, SpringBoot, TypeScript, NextJS, Ethereum, Solidity, IPFS, Kafka, ElasticSearch, MongoDB, GCP, K8S

¹ConsensSys (mar. 2018) · Kauri: The Knowledge Network for the Ethereum Ecosystem
²YouTube (mar. 2018) · Joshua Cassidy of · Talks About Curating Open-Source Knowledge
³TheNextWeb (dec. 2018) · ConsenSys teaches devs how to make their first dApp on the blockchain

Ai-London • Tech Lead / Head of Innovation (Jan. 2016 - Oct. 2017)

Ai-London (acquired by Lumera¹) is a Life, Savings, and Investment software provider offering financial institutions across the world a large range of financial software.

• 2016 - Worked as Head of Middleware (Team Lead of 5 developers) for Ai-PAS, an end-to-end modular Policy Administration System.
• 2017 - Worked as Head of innovation exploring in collaboration with the CTO, new technical areas relevant to the Insurance & Financial industry such as Big Data, Machine Learning, and Blockchain.
Technologies: Java, Spring, JBoss, Javascript, Angular, Keycloak, OracleDB, Ethereum


RS2i • Software Engineer & Junior Manager (Feb. 2011 - Dec. 2015)

RS2i is a consultancy firm based in Paris, specializing in Enterprise solutions (BPM, ESB, ECM, Big Data) for medium to large companies across Europe.

• Worked as Software Engineer, Architect, or Technical Manager for several customers in a wide range of industries (Finance, Insurance, Energy, Transport, Media).
• Specialized in Java J2EE and TIBCO solutions integrations

Public Appearances

🎙 Podcasts

• 🇫🇷 CTO’z #49 · Grégoire Jeanmart @Multis - “Voyage en pays crypto” Jul. 2022

🗣️ Conferences

• 🇬🇧 DappCon 2022 · Building Within The Safe Ecosystem For A B2B Usecase, Meissner & Jeanmart Sept. 2022
• 🇬🇧 EthCC 2018 · Joshua CASSIDY & Grégoire JEANMART - An introduction to KAURI Q&A Mar. 2018

Articles and Publications

• 🇬🇧 Running an Ethereum Full Node on a RaspberryPi 4 (model B) Feb. 2020
• 🇬🇧 Build your very own self-hosting platform with Raspberry Pi and K3S Apr. 2020
• 🇬🇧 Use Elastic Stack to monitor Kubernetes Oct. 2019
• 🇬🇧 Manage an Ethereum account with Java and Web3j May 2020
• 🇬🇧 Multis integrates TheGraph to offer an even stronger multisig Jul. 2020
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Open-Source projects and contributions

Rotki extension (Chrome extension, Rotki, Clojure/script, re-frame): The extension connects to Rotki backend API (running locally or remotely) and provides basic insights about your portfolio.
Mahuta (IPFS, Java, Spring, ElasticSearch): IPFS Storage service with search capability.
Awesome-state-machine (Java, Spring): State Machine library for Spring-Boot
Pihole-kubernetes (K8S, Helm)
Java-ipfs-http-client (Java, IPFS)
Eventeum (Java, Ethereum, Kafka)
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Skills and Technologies

Technical Skills: Fullstack
  • Programming: TypeScript, JavaScript, Java, Clojure, Solidity, Kotlin, PHP, Python
  • Frameworks: SpringBoot, NestJS, NextJS, Express, React, Re-Frame, Hardhat, Angular, Tailwind
  • Infrastructure: GCP, Firebase, Azure, OracleDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, Kafka, RabbitMQ, Redis, Git, GitHub, Docker, K8S
Management skills: Project & Budget planning, Agile methodologies, Team leadership & mentoring, Design Thinking